Sharnice N. Oliver

Customer Advocate
Aside from tax, I actually enjoy when we make an impact on a customer’s life through one of our planning meetings. The taxes are important because they feed us the information needed to identify where changes need to be made. But, a retirement readiness meeting, a tax projection, Simple Path, those meetings make an impact on our customers. Habits and behaviors change and when they come out of a meeting and feel empowered or can see more clearly into their future with more hope, I think that really shows how we stand apart.
What’s one of your favorite customer stories?
One year during tax season, a customer was confused about how some of the information was input on her return. I believe she had some other questions too, and seemed to be going through every page trying to make sense of it. When she called to ask her questions, it was in the thick of tax season and I did my best to explain, then transferred to Adrian to go over the rest of her questions. Normally that would wrap things up, but she took the time to write an e-mail thanking us for spending time with her to explain things and pointing out how uncommon that is for many businesses, especially during rush times. When things are moving so fast, a nice gesture can really slow things down and put things in perspective in a positive way.
If you had to spend $1,000 on something fun, what would it be?
I would spend $1,000 on a family vacation. I don’t really know where and it really doesn’t matter, just some place where I can have all my family in one place laughing, enjoying each other’s company, and eating great food.
Sharnice joined the team in 2011 and has since been steadily learning and developing her skills. She has a background in customer service and banking, and is working on her IRS Enrolled Agent certification. Sharnice enjoys her job most because there’s never an end to the learning process — it’s a constant flow of knowledge.