The 21st century puts revolutionary technologies in the hands of small business owners, which used smartly, multiply your efforts. We believe energy is a limited resource, and that the combination of knowledge and design into a streamlined financial system, will simultaneously give you better insight, while freeing your energy for better uses.
Snap a photo of a receipt, and it posts and saves to your records


Transactions automatically arrive each night via bank feed, and auto-categorize
Customers pay online, automatically updating your invoice status
You review the real-time results of your business from the comfort of your favorite coffee shop
     The result: Less stress and time spent on administrivia, real-time numbers to know where you stand, easy digital receipts for audit defense, and freed up energy to think more strategically about your business. In short, your financial system isn’t a frustration of doing business, it’s an asset.
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Typical conversations in this area include: bank feeds, workflow automation, smartphone apps, Xero online accounting software, online payroll solutions (like Gusto & ADP), merchant account activation, mobile access, paperless processes, Xero add-ons, and more.
And our unique tools like The Elements Flow Designer™, Economic Design Method™, My Business Finances Guide™, and more, make the difference.