We believe the biggest challenge in businesses, is focus: ‘How should I apply the energy that only I can bring?’ With the help of a good coach, and a routine of structured reflection, you can accelerate the flourishing of your business and life.
All nine parts of your business model are working in unison


You've run alternate financial scenarios, and know where your levers are
Each ninety days, you're focused on the next four best impact areas for your future
You're seeing the indicators important to you, moving in the right direction
     The result? You’re energized about where you’re going, growing in business savvy, getting things done, and protecting your non-business time. In short, you’re directing the course of your business, not vice versa.


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Typical conversations in this area include: business coaching, business modeling, cashflow forecasts, identifying what truly matters for you, KPI dashboards, business strategy, prioritizing 90-day goals, celebrating successes, business management concepts, and more.
And our unique tools like The Simple Path™, Economic Design Method™, Business Model Canvas, Entrepreneurial Insights e-Letter, and more, make the difference.