We believe paying taxes is a sign of a profitable business, but that smart tax design can shave off part of that bill. With thoughtful architecture and good planning, filing your tax return becomes a non-event.
Your tax structure fits your business model
Each line of your tax return been considered towards an intentional result
You set aside taxes from profits as you go through the year
Sleep comes easy, knowing your returns are accurately prepared
     The result: Minimized stress, no surprise tax bills, simplified paperwork, audit-ready records, and fully claimed deductions. In short, taxes are tamed, and working for you.


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Typical conversations in this area include: electing S-Corporation status, setting up a 401k, tax credit eligibility, maximizing SEP IRA contributions, estimated tax projections, the self-employed health insurance deduction, real estate like-kind exchanges (a.k.a. 1031), capital gains tax calculations, travel deductions, and more.
And our unique tools like Tax Optimizer™, Tax Entity Comparison Calculation™, Enhanced Tax Projection, Compliance Checklist, and more, make the difference.